R6 Ranch Horsemanship Educator/Wrangler

Start Date: June 1, 2021

Wage: $25-30/hour for horsemanship education, associated duties at $20/hour


About the company

R6 Ranch is a working horse ranch providing positive growth experiences for children, youth, families and community organizations through authentic, hands-on ranch experiences. Activities and opportunities exist for people wishing to connect with the land and horses in an outdoor ranch environment. 

Work Location

R6 Ranch is situated in Kananaskis, Alberta - one hour west of Calgary and twenty minutes east of Canmore.

The Role: Horsemanship Educator

  • Lead individuals and groups in activities and experiences involving horses, including:
    • Western horsemanship etiquette
    • Safety
    • Horse behaviour, management and care
    • Pre-riding preparation
    • Catching, haltering and tacking
    • Arena riding
    • Trail riding leadership and courtesy
    • Trail riding and backcountry experience considerations
    • Post-ride routines
  • Work with, interact with and include adults, teens and young children in life on the ranch
  • Provide caring leadership that supports all health and safety regulations
  • Mentor individuals and assist with group dynamics
  • Assist in managing the ranch’s herd, including care and training
  • Support other ranch programs as applicable
  • Interact with clients, parents and public
  • Take on other duties as assigned, including supporting private events, workshops, conferences
  • Provide a participant-first and positive perspective on all opportunities at R6 Ranch and be excited to support other roles/routines and to switch roles if required by the team
  • Overall ranch cleanliness and tidiness particularly the barn, corrals and horse fields
  • Maintenance and upkeep of all tack including cleaning and oiling as necessary, particularly at the start and the close of the season

Required Skills and Attributes

  • Previous experience in ranch or cattle management is a strong asset
  • A commitment to ongoing personal education and growth in the field of horsemanship
  • Significant experience in western horsemanship
  • Previous experience in riding instruction is an asset, but not obligatory
  • Previous experience with child/youth leadership is an asset, but not obligatory
  • Previous experience in customer/client service is an asset
  • Strong leadership skills – particularly youth-centered
  • Exceptional teamwork skills – coordinating tasks, collaborating in decision-making, sharing resources, managing and resolving conflicts
  • Effective communication skills – giving instructions in a clear and concise manner, listening acutely and interpreting non-verbal cues accurately
  • Able to build healthy and positive individual relationships with participants
  • Strong risk management, showing clear support for R6 Ranch’s risk management culture and situational application of policy to new circumstances
  • A sense of humour and good fun

Required Qualifications

  • Significant experience in western horsemanship and horse care and/or instructor certification
  • Minimum 19 years of age at beginning of employment
  • Standard First Aid – Wilderness/Remote First Aid preferred
  • Security clearance through R6 Ranch background check system

How to Apply

  • Submit the following to info@r6ranch in an easily openable format:
    • Subject Heading: Job Application R6 Ranch
    • Cover Letter, briefly outlining your suitability for the role
    • CV
    • Three professional and relevant references with email addresses