Our goal for a Foundation...

Pilot Programs

In 2018, Alberta's oldest charity, Hope Mission, reached out to Fiona & Kevin to explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration at the R6 Ranch.

Through this process we realized the need for a philanthropic organization to support those who might not be able to participate in programs offered at the ranch.

After two consecutive summers, 2018 & 2019, over 80 children––many of whom had never been on a hike or experienced a horse––were given an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with nature in a brand new way.

The use of this incredible space, the connection our youth make with horses on [the R6 Ranch] and the fun and the adventures they experience in just one day dramatically increases the positive impact we're able to have on the underprivileged youth we serve."
— Antonia DeBoer, Hope Mission

Our goal is to create a foundation to support youth and community. 

Information will be made available as we progress. Sign up below to learn more.