R6 Ranch Camp & Youth Programs

Camp registration opening in 2021

Youth Programs

The R6 Ranch delivers fun, growth-oriented experiences for children, youth, and community groups. Taking place in an enriching wilderness setting rooted in western heritage, programs are guided by an experienced and caring team of staff with a strength-based approach. We build courage, imagination, and teamwork through exciting, hands-on ranch adventures.


Welcome to R6 Ranch Summer Camp

Set off on a journey of exploration and growth with friends and caring mentors. Children and youth from ages 10Y through 17Y will find a supportive and safe community at the R6 Ranch, and discover a summer of adventures, memories, friendships, and life-long skills.

Registration opening in 2021. Sign up below for updates on R6 Ranch programs for youth. 

Opportunity for Growth

R6 Ranch Summer Camp programming includes hands-on experience, supported by accredited mentorship, in a variety of skill areas:

— Horsemanship and Ranch Chores

— Backpacking and Mountain Exploration

— Canoeing

— Forest Play

— Artisanal Handwork

— Swimming and Creek Exploration

— Leadership Workshops

— Cooking and Trip Preparation

— Games, Songs, and Celebrations


Meet our Program Director

Doug Saul

Doug Saul is an active and experienced contributor in the field of youth and community leadership, having partnered with national and provincial organizations providing positive growth opportunities for children, youth, families and communities. Doug has had the privilege to collaborate on the building of a number of schools, ranches, youth centres, camps and outdoor leadership programs. Doug has a degree in education with specialized training in literacy and numeracy. He is a member of national outdoor leadership organizations including the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Paddle Canada, and the Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors. He is an Examiner-Instructor with the Outdoor Council of Canada and, as part of the OCC Curriculum Development Committee, helped shape the OCC’s Field Leader curriculum. Doug is a Wilderness First Aid responder and is certified in Mental Health First Aid. Doug has training from the Certified Horsemanship Association as a trail riding and arena-riding instructor.

Doug has received recognition for his contributions to accredited camping:

Dawn Johnson Award for Health & Safety, YMCA Calgary

Award of Excellence, Canadian Camping Association 

Award of Achievement, Alberta Camping Association


Our Commitment to
Health & Safety

The health and safety of all participants, staff and volunteers at the R6 Ranch is a top priority. R6 Ranch takes a professional and proactive approach to risk management from hiring to registration, from staff training to participant involvement in activities. We work with professional peers, accrediting bodies, and government agencies to establish quality and safe experiences at the R6 Ranch. If you would like more information about Health & Safety, please contact the Program Director at doug@r6ranch.com.

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